Reza Fahrenheit

by Reza Fahrenheit

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Uz svu ljubav koja se tokom godina izrodila prema pojačalima , humbuckerima, mikrofoniji, wah pedalama…
Akustične đitre nikad nije nestalo iz mog arsenala. Taj mekani, topli, drveni… zvuk. Ovo su pjesme kakvima sam težio godinama, samo su izlazile jedna za drugom. Skoro da su same sebe pisale. Moje najkreativnije razdoblje ikad. Moja malenkost i mešter za aparaturom za snimanje zvuka.


released October 30, 2013

Reza Fahrenheit - Vokal, gitaroš, balalaika

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Reza Fahrenheit Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: A Sea Of Curved Forms
Reflection took me awhile
Yeah, nothin' new
The way you came chrashing in
Out of the blue
I'll remain civil

I won't lie
Say it's fine
Say I don't mind
More bubbles left inside
Everytime you'd come to mind

Which do you prefere
Now there's a question out of place
Would I stick around?
the other way around

Out of the ark
You landed much more harder
Made me lose my composure
Made me scribble
Words that bounced right of your exoskeleton
Makes me ponder

Would be angel
Your revelation
Don't quite fit the scripture
Track Name: Passchendaele
Words of welcome
Were cannon fire
My ears ring, still
Sleep eludes me
I knew it would

Concrete laid in my stomach
Some 900 and +
I mind not the others
But mine is way overdue
Sick of being sick of being sick of
The same archaic resonance

Concrete laid in my chest
Some 900 and +
I mind not the others
But mine is way overdue
Sick of being sick of being sick of
Difficult to endure
Track Name: Fishbone
A stroll i'm goin' out for
To walk off this poison
Old farmiliar
Neighbourhood i'm passin' bye
Just before the countdown
Old farmiliar days go bye

Nice doo
Please to meet you
That dragon i ripped to pieces
Might have disapproved
Hold you high
Clean that lantern
Put some light in
Put that light away

Read my lips when i cannot speak aloud
No names no names i promise
No names will come out
Track Name: The Soldier
What do you do
When the demons come
When the demons howl
When there's no one left
To gun down

I'm not as brave otherwise
I'd be right by your side
I'd go along for the ride
Hopefuly i'll be given nightmares
When i lay down

My firend
You've gone up in smoke
My friend
Why you never comin' home?
Track Name: Amor De Rey
Revolting revelations, what else is new?
Prophet with a long history of disagreements
A black book full of complaints

What a sight to see
Amor de rey

Time to hollar
Climb the roof
Across this nation
Since all our knights
Lay drunk
Underneeth the round table
Someone's ought to set em straight

Climb the roof, then climb off your mind
Leave your marbles behind little boy
You time is up
If only someone had awakend your shining knight

Since all your other heroes
Still lie sound asleep
Amor de rey
Amor de rey
Track Name: Luminous
A welcome guest you are again
Eyes crave candlelight amid the darkness

These oil rig fires run much more brighter
Mind craves
Egar to forget
Your aim has taken a left

Devil keep away
Done doing the catterpillar

Took me long enough to see thorugh your many countenance
Big Bill was dead on
Needless to say I need a new distraction
Track Name: Chlorophyll
With tongues of fire
Your not so holy ghost haunts my empty canvases
Stiffens up my brushes
Reviving sketches long abandoned
The coating cracks, turns into dust
Why won't the skeletons do the same

You being so high and mighty
What's up with me?
Underacheever messiah
Preach of my inadequacy
Gloat on my weak point
And unwrap your false impression

Softly uttered
Transmute to
A wild animal bedazzled
I'll get around to dealing with them
With the same viciousness
I've got a bottle with your name on it
I'll flush you out to sea
Track Name: Old Yellow
What a frequent flyer you've become
Airport hound
Oh how you used to bark in unicision
My dear do you dream of debris?
Not enough flying miles under your wings

Left to stand in line
Might as weel sing songs
About the summer

Fuck this winter
But hey, you might look back someday
Seemed so much funnier back then
Not accountable
Not now
Not ever
Track Name: K9
My man, where is it that you went awry
I suspect a culprit in all this hostility
Body & soul, salvation at point blank
You’ll land a spot in heaven, even tonight

So let’s set aside where, the ones equally fooled
May or may not have put a comma
How does that coexist with your entire scheme

Or maybe they aren’t as fooled
See? No need for nothin’ subliminal
But what does that make you

Go on and bark little puppy
You sure are a let down
I’ve no doubt you feel the same

A loyal soldier you are to your madness
Forever willing to lay down your life
Tired of your solutions
Tired of your revolutions
More blood, more sacrifice
One more bullet aimed for you
You expect me to bite down